Press on Application

1) Cut your nails, buff your natural nail, and file the free edge of your nail. (Make sure natural nails are free of any nail polish, gel, acrylic, etc).

2)Then push your cuticles back with the wodden cuticle pusher.

3) Wipe your nail plate down with alcohol so there is no dust or debris left on the natural nails.

4) Then you want to put nail glue on your natural nail and apply each nail for 30 seconds and hold. If you choose to apply with nail tabs, apply them to your nail bed, then apply the press on nail to the nail tab for 15-30 seconds and press firmly. Repeat this on all 10 fingers.

Tip: Apply set at night time, so glue can dry correctly, avoid water for the next 2 to 3 hours so nail tip can adhere nicely.

Tip: If your nail is a tad bigger than your custom measurements, lightly file the sidewalls of the nails.